web-developer. guitarist. outdoor enthusiast.

Who am I?

I graduated from the University of Florida in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Business Administration, as I felt that having solid business skills would enhance any career path I chose. During my time in school, I worked with the University’s Plant Science Department, conducting research on wine grapes bred for resistance to Pierce's disease. My responsibilities included not only designing the parameters for the vineyard, which my team planted and successfully cultivated in Florida’s sand-laden soil, but also designing the trelising system and planting the vines. I later interned for six months at E & J Gallo's research winery where I got hands on experience with winemaking fundamentals along with experimental design. This introduction to working with scientific data supported by detailed computer analysis led me to transition to software development. Combining my science and business skills with a proficiency in languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, and SQLAlchemy gives me a broad-reaching range of tools to work within any industry. Reach out to me to let me know what we can build together.

Technical Skills

Work Experience


PolySign: Backend Software Engineer

Working for a cryptocurrency start-up developing software solutions for institutional grade digital asset custody. PolySign’s backend is a distributed micro-services cloud architecture, based on Python running in Docker, Kubernetes, and Linux, that interface with each other via GRPC calls • Implemented the ‘transaction’ API in the Crypto service and built out general functionality in the Crypto service • Built Mock Ripple server using a Flask framework to mock Ripple’s public ledger API methods for testing • Designed and implemented the Ripple client.


Price.com: Business Development Data Analyst (IC)

Working for a small startup, price.com, an AI powered search engine dedicated to maximizing savings for customers • Reaching out to retailers to acquire data feeds from new retailers • Communicating with the data engineering team to ensure that data feeds are added to price.com’s database • Checking price.com’s database to ensure that all columns in the database were updated correctly with product data


ROAR Winery: Winemaking Intern

Worked in a medium sized urban winery with varietals including: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrrah & Grenache • Made wine for five labels ranging from production level sales to smaller, independent labels • Collaborated with three additional contract winemakers learning many different winemaking styles and practices • Collected and reported brix measurements of sugar levels during the fermentation for reporting to the winemakers


E & J Gallo: Research Winery Intern

Worked in a small scale, 10-gallon research winery monitoring a total of 550 throughout the season • Collaborated with other departments in the company to discuss project specs for various R&D projects • Inoculated ferments with various yeast strains • Conducted a personal harvest project that tested for various off-note compounds in the finished wine • Inoculated ferments with various yeast strains and monitored brix levels throughout the fermentationGrape Research Field Manager & Lab Assistant, Gainesville, FL


University of Florida Grape Research Field Manager and Lab Assistant

Designed and planted a small vineyard with Pierce Disease resistant vines from UC Davis • Researched the various types of trellising systems for vineyards and designed the trellis system for the project • Randomized the experimental field layout for the various varietals planted using excel • Prepared tissue samples for a project testing freezing temperatures on bud development in stone fruit


Jam is a music-focused social network application that connects people through events using Eventbrite's API. The Jam application allows users to search for music events by keyword, comment on events, and manage bookmarked events through their profile. Once logged in, the user can access their profile page to view a list of bookmarked events, as well as a map of bookmarked events, built using the Google Maps API. Users can connect with other Jam users via an email feature on the Jam application that uses SendGrid's emailing API.